What is Let's Play Music?

 Let's Play Music is a piano and music theory course  for 4-6 years old that emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, classical music, note reading, and ear training... and it's accomplished through play! This 3 year program enables children to truly learn the language of music so that they can go on to excel in any further music study (instruments, choir, piano, etc). 

How Long Has Let's Play Music Been Around?

 Let's Play Music has been taught for over 20 years! Click here to visit our corporate website and learn more!

Where are Let's Play Music & Sound Beginnings taught?

Click on this teacher location map! Teacher MAP

What is the retention rate for Let's Play Music students?

80% nationally

What is Sound Beginnings?

 Sound Beginnings is a course for 0-4 years old to develop intelligence and confidence in your child in a setting of music, play, and parental nurturing! SB families register for a new class every semester. 

How Long Are the Classes? Do Parents Attend?

SB classes are weekly for 30 minutes. Each semester is 15 weeks long. Caregivers attend each class. Click here to watch a video  or here to view a full length class 

LPM students participate in six semesters (15 classes per semester). Classes are weekly for 45 minutes (1st year), 50 minutes (2nd year), & 55 minutes (3rd year). Parents attend twice a month in the first year. Parents attend once a month in second and third year, and actively assist their students at home in daily practice. Click here to watch a video or here to view a full length class

How Much is Tuition?

Sound Beginnings- $200 per semester, or 4 payments of $50 Click here to learn more  

Let's Play Music- 

1st year: $400, or 8 payments of $60

2nd year: $560, or 8 payments of $70

3rd year: $640, or 8 payments of $80  Click here to learn more

Are their Sibling Discounts?

For SB, yes! The family rate is $50/ month plus $15/month extra for each additional sibling.  

For LPM, there are no sibling discounts. I put a lot of time and effort into supporting each individual student. 

I Love the Sound of These Programs, but I'm Not Sure I Can Afford Them...

 For families who are committed to musical education for their child, a partial scholarship may be available. If finances are your only hesitation, please contact me. 

Are Materials Required?

 Yes. Just like a workman needs his toolbox, your student's materials are essential to their progress! For information on material fees, click here (lpm) and here (sb).  

Where Are Classes Located?

All classes are held in my home studio in Avon, Indiana. Off of Rockville Rd and Avon Ave in Sycamore Creek neighborhood. Address is given to those who register. 

Are you FBI Background Checked?

 Absolutely. Let's Play Music requires all their teacher to pass an FBI background check. 

My Spouse Does Not See the Benefit in Music Classes. What Can I Share with Them?

 Everyone experiences music differently. Some caregivers may have apprehensions toward music class simply because they had a bad experience with a music teacher growing up, because they grew up with a focus on some other academic or sport, or because they don't realize how powerful music can be in forming a child.  

 While every family's journey will look different, and LPM is not for everyone, here are a few things to consider... 

 Music influences people on a daily basis. It helps us regulate and understand our moods, emotions, and feelings. Music connects us with other people and life experiences.  

 Many studies have shown that music has a positive effect in other academic areas like mathematics, and can improve coordination & execution in sports.  

 Music is a discipline. It teaches many purposeful skills- how to work diligently, the need for consistency to progress, patience, delayed gratification. We have to learn how to work! it teaches us how to listen critically, how to analyze ourselves, how to describe what we are experiencing, make changes to improve, perform in front of people, improvise, create and be creative. All of these are important life skill in working with others! 

What Are Parents Saying?  

Sound Beginnings

Both of my kids-- ages 3 and 1-- absolutely love Sound Beginnings with Ms Estelle! She is a wonderful teacher, and they've both learned so much. It's been such a fun way to start their music education! - Kerry 

My son started Sound Beginnings with Estelle after he turned 1 year old and was not saying any words. He absorbs so much from her and she is so patient with him, as he is a reluctant participant some days. As his parent, I see him doing things that is done in class at home outside of class--so he is obviously internalizing what he experiences! His language has exploded in the last 3-4 months and I attribute some of that growth to his time at Sound Beginnings! Melanie

Each week the kids are learning new letters, shapes, sounds, songs and making new friends. My little loves get so excited about this class and all the practice between classes! I would recommend any parent/grandparent/guardians to do this class with their children! I have as much fun as the kiddos do! Kelly

My daughter absolutely loves this class and is constantly asking when we get to go back to "music school". It's the perfect amount of fun and structure for her, and I'm impressed by how much she has learned. Shannon

Let's Play Music

My daughter loves her music class with Mrs. Estelle and I am amazed at what she is learning and retaining at only 5 years old (I might add that I have learned a few things myself which I have enjoyed). Mrs. Estelle makes learning fun, has amazing patience with busy little kiddos during class, and goes out of her way to get to know each child and family in her classes. She truly cares for each child and that they are learning. I highly recommend any of her classes, especially if you want to give your child a jump start on having a love for music! Rachel

Estelle is an enthusiastic and fun teacher!  She makes the classes interactive and engaging for all students.  She is excellent at accommodating to meet the needs of my child during the learning process.  I highly recommend Let’s Play Music because my son has enjoyed learning so much during his first year of music! Erica

Had a great time. Comprehensive instruction and fun!!! Denise 

Such an amazing program for young kids! MaryAnn