Meet Ms. Estelle

Hi, I'm Ms. Estelle! 

I have a minor in music with background in piano and voice. I love working with children and enjoy the energy and enthusiasm they have for life and learning! 

My family moved to Avon in 2018. 

I grew up in Southern California (Orange County area), but have lived in Utah, Texas, and New Mexico throughout undergraduate and graduate degrees, internships, and babies. We're grateful to finally have a place to call home and stay for a long time!   

In 2006 I completed California's Certificate of Merit program (MTAC). This covers piano technique, theory, ear-training, and a program of 2-5 memorized and performed pieces.  

In 2012 I graduated BYU with a bachelor's degree in Dietetics and minor in music. In 2018 I graduated Utah State University with a Masters degree in Dietetic Administration. I have previously worked at Primary Children's Hospital in Utah and CHI St. Joseph Hospital in Texas as a Registered Dietitian & Wellness Director. 

In 2019 I became a Certified Let's Play Music & Sound Beginnings teacher and began my music studio here in Indiana.

When I'm not teaching I love to sing, play piano, swim, eat chocolate, try to keep up with my two boys, and enjoy time with my husband.

For more information on the classes I teach, please click on the tabs on this page! I love music and would love for you & your child to come PLAY and LEARN with me!

See The Studio

My home studio is located off Rockville and Avon Ave. 

It includes an active area & listening area.

Movement between the two areas engages & resets the child's mind while they learn. In the active area we do activities that involve more full body movement and play. The listening area provides a place were children can easily focus on new information presented (for example playing tone bells, pianos, singing, & echo games to develop pitch and tone). In Let's Play Music for 4-6 year olds (year 2 & 3) the listening area includes pianos.

*The studio uses Yamaha P45 keyboards (full size, touch-sensitive, weighted keys) for 2nd & 3rd year of Let's Play Music.